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How do we make code fun and more intuitive?:

Intro Course in F#:

MF#K Meetup Group, from none to +750 members in just four years:

Scratch, the most strongly-type-safe programming language:

Data protection by design and by default:

Puritas, A journey of a thousand miles towards side-effect free code - Audience Level: Advanced:

Sign Sign (sign2x). Multi-sign documents locally (privacy) relying on mathematics for security and correctness:

MF#K - Functional Programming Languages - Why, where and how:


MF#K - Semantic Versioning for .NET libraries and NuGet packages (C#/F#):

Type Driven Development (TDD) and Idiomatic Data Structures @ SweNug:

Creating libraries for Elm, lessons learned:

DG - Theory into practice (DTU & ITU students as guests):

A combination of SharePoint and CRM to ensure atomic transactions (Travel Agency example):

Delegate - Showcase 2/3 years old F# Codebase:

CRMUG - MS CRM Solution Packager


Delegate.Sandbox - I/O side-effects safe computations in F#:

MF#K - Introduction to F# meeting @ GroupM:

Delegate A/S - Company Friday, F# anvendt i dagligdagen (DTU studerende som gæster):

MF#K - Introduction to F# ERFA meeting @ PFA:

MF#K - Introductory Course in F#:


All-round strongly-typed approach to MS CRM - CRM3005:

DAXIF# - Delegate Automated Xrm Installation Framework:

Hvad kan jeg (du) blive?:

MF#K - Introductory Course in F#:

Team building - En software afdeling er som et rugby hold:



DAXIF# - Delegate Automated Xrm Installation Framework:

Having F#un with JavaScript (FunScript):

First day @ Delegate A/S:


Studieliv på DIKU: