First thing first

Before you can create your own F# logo, you will need a drawing/editing program with support for layers. If you work on a Windows box, you might as well go with Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing, but if you are on a *nix box as myself, you might want to give Pinta: Painting Made Simple a try.

Your logo file should preferable be in a looseless format and with the following measurements: 200 pixels x 200 pixels.

The last step before you can make your own logo is to download both:

from the The F# Software Foundation Logo for F#. You should have the following in a local folder by now:

[ mon@mbai7 logos ] ll
total 20K
-rw-r--r-- 1 mon staff 7.7K Oct 11 21:02 delegate_frm_logo.ora
-rw-r--r-- 1 mon staff 4.0K Oct 11 20:37 delegate_frm_logo.png
-rw-r--r-- 1 mon staff 1.3K Oct  6 14:56 fsharp100mcdark.png
-rw-r--r-- 1 mon staff 1.5K Oct  6 14:56 fsharp100mclight.png
[ mon@mbai7 logos ]

Let’s do it!

The initial logo looks like this: All

Once the file is open in Pinta, we will create a new file with the same dimensions and save it with the OpenRaster format (.ora). This format supports layers, which is indispensable for this kind of work. We will create an empty layer called frm and we will import the fsharp100mclight.png as a layer (Menu |> Layers |> Import from File…)


We will now choose our logo file and select all and copy it.


Afterwards, we will paste it into the frm layer. As the frm layer is below the transparent F# logo layer, the F# logo will still be visible (slightly).


The reason the logo is not blending in well is because I have a black background. In order to make the logo visible, I will change the colors to dark green and light green.

Remark: This is actually not allowed as it will violate the usage guidelines: “Don’t change the colors”. For more info, please contact @ReedCopsey


And you are done:


Easy right? Btw I tried out changing a bit the colors in order to comply with the terms of use:


… I’m not convinced though.

Update: @ReedCopsey sent me the following logo which is pretty much awesome!!!


I have no clue how he has done it, but at least it doens’t violate the terms of use. The lesson learned here is that the F# Comunity will help you out if you aren’t able to do it yourself which is pretty cool.