JavaScript is the most used programing language on GitHub (21% of all the projects, All of us that have worked with this programing language, know that it’s very difficult to find errors while writing the code, as it is with all other dynamics typed languages. This is where FunScript enters the picture, by giving the possiblity to write in F#, a strongly typed programing language, and then by compiling it to JavaScript. But haven’t we heard this before? Write in a strongly-typed language and then compile to JavaScript (CoffeScript, Haxe, Cappuccino, Dart, TypeScript, …). Yes, but the main difference between FunScript and other frameworks, is that it doesn’t rely on a FFI (Foreign Function Interface) but on TypeProviders which makes the Framework very easy to extend.

FunScript supports REST + TypeScript, among others as TypeProviders. This way you can rely on other to write them (d3.d.ts, google.maps.d.ts, jquery.d.ts, jquerymobile.d.ts, jqueryui.d.ts, node.d.ts, …) and if you need a special library you can create your own TypeScript declaration file and contribute to expand the FunScript community.

Link to slides: Slides

And for more information (and video soon): Open Source Days 2013