Mr. Math as Lambdaman, wants YOU for Functional Programming (FP).

I am Mr. Mathiesen (Ramón Soto Mathiesen), a passionate computer scientist, with flair for functional programming languages and business, that advocates for correctness, code-quality and high-standards but, always with the customer in mind.

I was baptized Mr. Math at ICFP by Daniel P. Friedman, Professor at Indiana University.

In 2016-09-01, I created my own company: SPISE MISU ApS, that will try to make software the way I see it. Here’s a LinkedIn post I wrote on the matter: A Farewell to Delegate A/S and Welcome SPISE MISU ApS.

As stated in the LinkedIn post, I had been working for the last 3 and half years, before I created my company, with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform as a Managing Specialist @ Delegate A/S where I among other things, contributed to start a whole new CRM department from scratch and got promoted as the CTO of the CRM department being responsible for the technical vision and solutions implemented on customer projects. This was achieved through a variety of tools: XrmFramework, DAXIF#, … which under my leadership were maintained and expanded with new and robust applications that provided a competitive advantage over other CRM Partners and ultimately ensured savings of unnecessary manual tasks as reflected in a lower price for the customers. The ultimate goal was that the customers got the best possible return on investment. Info on tooling can see seen on GitHub: Delegate A/S @ GitHub

  • Education: I have a masters degree in computer science, with minors in mathematics, from the University of Copenhagen. I was one semester abroad at the University of Pisa, where I was introduced, to among others, Algorithmics as Algorithm Engineering, which became the main topic of my Master’s thesis. For more information on my thesis, please visit the Performance Engineering Lab website at the Copenhagen University

  • Background: I been around for a while and have tried almost every position there is in IT. Starting as an IT-supporter back in 2000, to a System Administrator, a Web Developer, a Kernel Developer, a Consultant, a Software Architect, a CTO of a department and at the moment, a founder of an IT company. While been in these positions I have done a variety of task related to network, infrastructure, software development, consulting, teaching, technical leadership and probably the most important of them all: inspiring.

  • Founder of MF#K: F#unctional Copenhageners Meetup Group will try to get more and more software projects to be based on functional programming languages. We mainly focus on F# and Haskell, but other functional programming languages like Scala, Lisp, Erlang, Clojure, etc. are more than welcome. For more information, please visit Mødegruppe for F#unktionelle Københavnere